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Topbatt Chemical Co. Ltd., Established in 2019, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is a Manufacturer and Trading company which specialized in fine chemicals like Pharmaceutical Reference Standards and Stable Isotopes. Our Stable Isotopes product line including 2H Labelled APIs, Reagents and Intermediates, 13C Labelled Substance, 15N Labelled Substance and 18O Labelled Substance. We own a number of Senior pharmaceutical synthetic engineer, analysis engineer and analytical testing instrument. It make us have more than 1700 varieties compouds with high purity in stock in a short time.
We can provide you not only stock items, but also Custom Synthesis Service. All of our products provided with COA, HPLC/GC, HNMR, qNMR, MS Spectrum. Our sales will 24/7 stand by for you.